Speaker, Co-Author, and Relationship Coach Nancy Burroughs passionately shares how integrating God’s love into her broken marriage transformed it into a marriage with companionship, passion, and mutual respect. Nancy’s testimony includes her personal story of leaving her husband after 17 years of marriage and after hitting bottom she sought and found solace in God and his love. Embracing God’s unconditional love she fell back in love with her husband.

Do you feel your relationship is locked in boredom and mediocrity? Do you crave open communication? Compassion? Companionship? Passion? Are you lonely or angry and wanting to give up on your relationship? Nancy will teach you how to create the relationship you and your spouse desire.

Nancy is passionate to come along side people and create a space for them to release what does not work, reignite what does work and rebuild a relationship that is playful, passionate, and meaningful. She mentors men and women, couples, teens, and businesses in relationship challenges assisting them in creating the results that they are longing for. By bringing down walls of resentment, disappointment and pain, and by building up self-esteem, personal responsibility, and communication they can choose to bring out the best in themselves and others. She gives them hope!

Nancy has a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, is a Certified Life Coach, and is a Time Line Therapy Practitioner. She will tell you her greatest transformational shift came when she surrendered into a relationship with Jesus Christ because he is the one and only true source of what true love looks like.

Nancy resides in Leona Valley, California, with her husband, Mike Burroughs. Together they have 3 children: Jesse, Jake, and Leslie.